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Our Services

We specialise in the husbandry of Natural Resources. We offer a range of services that will support your development and the public’s perception of your business. We work with you to improve your credibility, to enhance your reputation, to strengthen your sustainability and to make your company the business others want to be associated with.


Our full, standard service is based on a MARS audit, examining: management, adaptability, resilience and sustainability. As a result of this service your business will increase its adaptive capacity, its resilience to external circumstances, understand its current environmental and social impacts and become a more sustainable organisation.


For businesses exploring the potential of a greener trading model we provide a tiered range of services; from a simple analysis of your current business plan through to a complete restructuring as a sustainable business.


For businesses already committed to low environmental impact and strong social inputs we can provide Sustainability Auditing as a means of proving your commitment.

About Us

  • Land Management Appraisals

  • Business Analysis

  • MARS Audit

  • Sustainability Auditing

  • Sustainable Business Options and Promotion

  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Studies

We offer a tiered range of services including: